Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dismissal is better than Acquittal

Rape/Sex Abuse Case Dismissed

Getting his client acquitted was the goal, but attorney Randall Snow acknowledged a dismissal before trial is even better.  A Marion County prosecutor finally gave up after months of litigation, trial set-overs, and aggressive defense of a Measure 11 Rape/Sex Abuse.  The complainant alleged that her ex-boyfriend came to her home, took her into her bedroom and forcefully raped her. She showed police what she claimed were bruises which the police photographed and produced through discovery. Snow recognized the color of the bruising seemed coincidentally close in color to her eyeshadow coloring.

Testing also showed the “bruising”  appeared to have smudged onto her bra strap, an important fact oddly overlooked by police.  “I would hope that it was only an oversight” commented Snow, “but what was apparent to us in photographs would seem to be more apparent in live viewing.” 

Snow revealed numerous inconsistencies in the complainant’s stories which the State finally acknowledged with dismissal stating “insufficient evidence.”

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