Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sex Crimes Defense Case Study

Sodomy, Sex Abuse I and Sex Abuse III, Not Guilty on all counts.

Salem attorney Gig Wyatt tried this multiple count Measure 11 indictment the 1st week of Sept in Polk Co. After 2 days of testimony, the 12 person jury returned a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty in under 30 minutes. The jury was polled, and when the last juror said she agreed with the verdict, the alternate juror spoke out “make that 13!”
 A specially appointed prosecutor and judge from another county had to hear the case since the defendant was known to the local legal community.

The complainant had told police that she was sleeping when the defendant attempted to have sex with her. The testimony, however, showed that their relationship involved consensual sex for 2 years and that she had motive for ending the relationship.

Wyatt pointed out several important inconsistencies between her story to the jury and the story she told police.  “When a jury believes the witness is lying, it doesn’t take long for them to decide a person has been victimized by her, not the other way around,” Wyatt pointed out.
Wyatt also pointed out that she testified in another hearing related to the case that she would feign sleep in order to avoid contact, a point which also helped the jury feel the State’s case was weak.

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