Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rape and Kidnapping Case Dismissed in Woodburn

Sexual crimes defense attorney Gig Wyatt had a case dismissed after questioning the evidence of the alleged victim and complainant.
Recently published in the Woodburn Independent :

Micky Henson, M & M Towing owner, has been found not guilty of rape 1 and kidnapping 1. The verdict was handed down in Marion County Circuit Court Tuesday morning, with Judge Susan Tripp presiding.
“We think the evidence was clear that the complainant was not entirely reliable,” said Gig Wyatt, Henson’s attorney.

Henson was arrested Feb. 28, 2013. A probable cause statement released by the Marion County Sheriff's Office included graphic descriptions of Henson’s alleged forceful rape and captivity on Feb. 17 with a part-time female employee on River Road. Wyatt confirmed Henson initially denied having sex with his employee, but later stated the sex was consensual.

Case dismissed.

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